Chocolate Wedding Cakes: When a Chocolate Wedding Cake is Perfect

Would chocolate wedding cakes be a big hit at your wedding... like it was at ours?

From experience, we can tell you that chocolate wedding cakes are fantastic.

When we got married in 1980, chocolate wedding cakes were almost unheard of. But being chocoholics, we decided that a traditional wedding cake just wouldn't make sense for our wedding.

However, a chocolate wedding cake seemed perfect to us -- and it was a huge success! The chocolate wedding cakes disappeared -- and the more traditional cake we got for people who claimed they didn't want chocolate was left more than half unfinished!

Chocolate wedding cakes are nothing like traditional wedding cakes. Traditional wedding cakes have always had white icing on the outside, and usually filled with a traditional white or 'fruitcake' recipe. If you are a traditionalist, the varieties of chocolate wedding cakes may not be for you.

Chocolate wedding cakes began to gain in acceptance within the last couple of decades. Today, they are a hugely popular alternative.

Chocolate wedding cakes also offer several options for more variety -- from chocolate cheesecake to chocolate-truffle-adorned white cakes. Chocolate wedding cakes are equally elegant and sophisticated, and can be made to custom orders by professional cake bakers suitable for every taste.

(Our chocolate wedding cakes were from Just Desserts in San Francisco -- and they were pure chocolate decadence.)

The only limit to your choices for chocolate wedding cakes is your imagination.

(By the way, we are saying 'cakes' because many couples now make sure they have a mini-version to keep for themselves for after the big day, and they often also give away pieces or mini versions to their guests for keepsakes).

If you are planning to make your own chocolate wedding cakes, you'll need to make several decisions:

  1. what the filling will be made out of
  2. what flavor you want the chocolate wedding cakes to be
  3. what the icing will consist of, and
  4. what garnishes or embellishments you'll use.

You only live once, so consider switching from the traditional wedding offerings to chocolate wedding cakes for this most important day of your life! We think you'll be glad you did...