How You Can Create Chocolate Chip Cookies You'll Love

27 tips for creating absolutely amazing chocolate chip cookies (Tips 6 to 9)

If you want to create amazing chocolate chip cookies, you've come to the right place...

We're sharing 27 tips for making chocolate chip cookies you'll love. If you haven't yet seen Chocolate Chip Cookies Tips 1 to 5, click here. Otherwise, let's move on to...

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #6:

A bit of background: Store chocolate properly. Although chocolate has a very long shelf life (6 months for milk chocolate and over a year for dark chocolate, it's very important to store it in a cool (60 to 75 degrees F.) -- and dry -- place.

If you store chocolate where it gets to above 78 degrees, it will melt, and the cocoa butter will separate out. And if you let moisture in, it will cause 'bloom' -- a harmless but unattractive grayish white film that develops on the outside of milk and semi-sweet chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #7:

It's OK to freeze chocolate for up to a year if you plan to bake with it, (but not if you plan to make chocolate candy). Avoid 'sweating' by bringing frozen or refrigerated chocolate to room temperature before baking your chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #8:

Chocolate and cocoa both keep both their freshness and quality for long periods of time. However, make sure that you keep them in a good container or tightly wrapped, since chocolate easily absorbs moisture and odors.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #9:

Experiment with butter, margarine and even shortening. Each one affects the flavor and texture. Different people have (strong) preferences of which they prefer.

Temperature also makes a difference, so recognize that room temperature will produce different results than melted, chilled or even frozen butter. Again, you can experiment to discover what you prefer. However, you might want to start by following a recipe.

Also try combining different fats, to get the best of different worlds.

The higher the proportion of these ingredients in your batter, the moister and chewier your cookies will be.

If you substitute pure all-vegetable shortening for butter or margarine, decrease the amount by 20%.

Never use whipped margarine, since it contains water.

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